Monday, September 30, 2013


Some say "every loss is a chance to blossom".
I say every loss is also a chance to bottom out,
to get sucked down into a never ending spiral of anger, guilt, pain and sadness.
Either way, there is no doubt
that loss is the end of one thing and the beginning of another.
It can either turn out to be quite awesome
or descend into total badness.
So, if it is mere chance that determines which of these choices you will follow,
then throw caution to the wind.
Embrace your path to the fullest wherever it may lead you.
One will end up leaving you spent and hollow.
The other will raise you up to heights of no end.
Or, more likely, your path will be a little of both.
A roller-coaster of emotions will ensue
requiring from you the ability to bend,
to be flexible, to accept where you are, though loathe
to do so, as where you were meant to be.

Here and now.  One minute, one small step, at a time.

In this way your journey can be less jarring.
Instead of lurching from one side to the other
like some drunken fool careening down an alleyway,
you can be like an expert swordsman sparring
with all the skill he can muster
to see if he can get his way.  If he even has a say.
And if not, then at least he fought the good fight.
You, like he, have tried to choose with all of your might.
Choose one way or the other.
Alas, fate will choose for you it appears.
Leaving you with nought but laughter or tears.

mindbringer, 28 September 2013