Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Cavern

Somnambulant and sonorous simultaneously,
the man in the cave wandered about aimlessly
in his sleep, occaisonally letting out a single deep moan that resonated
around the cavern walls, echoing as it went from corner to corner.
Otherwise, he did not mutter even a peep.
It was as if, in his solitude, he was designated
the chief mourner, groaning at unsolicited times.
The floor of the room he was in was chock full of
fantastic formations of carbonates and limes.
Many stretched all the way to the ceiling
or manifested themselves as thin straws.
Being asleep, he often hit his head on these which left
him dazed and reeling.
Eventually, he woke up to what he thought was applause.
But, it turned out to be the noise from a waterfall.
Fighting the noise of the cascade
he took a deep breath and let out a long call.
Hoping someone would hear him.
He looked around trying to get his bearings.
He was immediately taken by his surroundings,
amazed at the heights which the roof reached.
The colors his eyes were inundated with were
partly original and partly the result of being leached.
The floor was made of what appeared to be mud
but with rock-like flows that were frozen in place.
The walls were covered in delicate formations
that gave the appearance of a net or lace.
After some time had passed, how long he could not say,
he began wondering if he was the sole survivor of his race.
He finally figured out what the background noise was.
It was the sound of the waterfall reverberating in echoes.
Around his feet he noted the scurrying of little creatures
that looked to him like blind geckos.
His vision being lessened by the incessant darkness,
except for some weird, inexplicable glowing from behind formations,
his surroundings were the epitomy of starkness.
Bleak due to the absence of humanity.
But beautiful to the point of heartache.
This odd combo elicited from him the occaisonal profanity.
He slowly made his way along a rapidly narrowing path
that presented itself in one of the wall openings, the easternmost one.
Soon, he became full of wrath
as the passageway became so small he could no longer navigate it.
He layed down on his back and inched along,
soda straw formations scraping his nose,
and finally found himself in a brand new room, long
and wide and much taller than the one he had just left.
The lack of footprints in the mud of the floor
indicated, due to the lack of erosion in caves,
that no human had been in this room before!
He stood up and breathed the never-breathed air.
Then, with little guilt, he carved his name and date into the mud.

This cavern would remember him long, long after he was gone!

mindbringer, 16 October 2013