Monday, October 21, 2013

The Ending Of The Fall

Fall was ending today,
with every leaf that fell.
Across the street,
the neighbor's maple
had shed its glory all about its feet,
all over the ground lay
golden splendor.
A light rain clattered
on the metal chimney
and a cool breeze whipped in from the North.
Hence the demise of the leaves.
Odd that the end of one thing
heralds the beginning of another.
Except, in the case of autumn,
the new beginning is the end of all things.
Winter has come.

A rather cold breeze had blown through me.
And it has led to a personal winter.
As if one had fell down a bottomless rabbit hole.
The good thing about being empty is that nature abhors a vacuum.
Just have to be careful what I let get sucked into the black hole of my soul.

Some people say,
and I have heard this for generations,
that Winter is followed by Spring.

mindbringer, 20 October 2013