Monday, November 4, 2013


As the flower unfurls its song,
bending upwards towards the sun,
so do you, my dear, with long
wings wrap us up as one.

From idle plant to idle plant
we prance on dewdrops
and drink the sweet nectar
of the woods, waking in them
their true purpose.

Our world becomes vibrant with singing,
the singing of the flowers.
To the sound of many bells set to ringing,
we are raptured by their powers.

We then flit ever upwards
pulling the growth along with us
as we gather the forest floor into its fullness
and covort amongst the trees that now appear
as guardians of nature revealed.

Sprinkle thy dust on me
that I might revive
and sing with thee,
loving and alive!

mindbringer, 3 November 2013