Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lucky You

Luck is a river running largely downhill.
You depend on it sometimes to carry you through
and it ends up letting you down like an old shoe
without even so much as a cheap thrill.

Hence the saying, "down on your luck".
When down there, you try to clamber back
but you end up passing the buck
to some other traveller to attack.

Scrambling around for some hold to grab on to
you completely forget that you threw all of your
chances into this morass and that nothing you do
now can right this ship, that you must simply endure.

Finally, the luck casino wheel revolves around
and you find yourself able to get out,
to get your feet back on the ground,
to shake your fist at the world and shout.

Do not waste this chance at life!
Rely on your self, not on luck.
Stay steady, free of strife,
finding yourself once again able to duck.

Avoid the situation ever arising again.
Live fully in the present moment
and you, my friend, will win
what good things the world will foment.

Take your newfound freedom
and do something worthwhile.
Break the endless cycles of dumb
dependence on luck and reconcile!

mindbringer, 2 November 2013