Monday, November 11, 2013


There was a little broken down barn
falling apart down by the brook.
And in it, deep inside, there lay a secret.
A secret itself so deep that none
but the blind may know it.
Blind so as to not go blind
upon the revelation's eruption.
And, yes, eruption is the best way
to describe what happens when the
secret reveals itself.
Reveals itself to the right recipient.
One who just happened upon the old barn
and dared enter into its inner sanctum.
And was blind.
And then passed the tests.
Tests on patience, loyalty, trustworthiness,
honor and sincerity.
In a flash the secret would know the secrets
of the true recipient's very soul.
And there in this lonely, decaying barn
the true recipient would receive the revelations
of the secret.
Revelations of morality, ethics, tolerance,
peacemaking and meditation.
The true recipient, so now armed, would realize
with a start that his sight had now been restored!
Now truly seeing all,
he would step out into the true light of all nature.
Stepping out to do all he could to help his fellow man.

mindbringer, 10 November 2013