Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sleep Walkers

Somnambulance springs forth from the deepest sleep
driving its victim down the halls of dreams
to some unknown goal laying always just ahead.
It is the lethargic walk of the dead.

Trodding with white paleness against the moonlight shadows
spirits are much the same as the mindless walkers.
Blank stares fill their eyes, unresponsiveness their arms,
walking slowly, softly so as to not set off any alarms.

Talking to them is like talking to a ghost.
From them you will get nothing but a distant look,
one that forsook all sanity to be replaced by vanity
and the tendency to, if asked, respond with profanity.

Their limbs stretch out stiffly as they jerkily
make their way down some unknown twisted path.
When the road in front of them presents obstacles,
they come to a stop, confused, as if looking for their spectacles.

Eventually, the dead-seeming person comes back to life
and remembers nought of their recent adventure.
They gaily prance back to bed oblivious of the fact
of being without their pajamas. What an odd way to act!

mindbringer, 9 November 2013