Sunday, January 19, 2014

Love By The Sea

Her eyes found me across the crowded room,
glancing sideways as usual, piercing as always.
Locking on to mine, I was like to swoon.
I stood there frozen while she came my ways.

I opened my arms to embrace her and she fell into them
like water flows into an empty crystal glass.
I noticed that she was dressed to the hilt, her hem
rising up, the dress conforming tightly to her perfect ass.

I touched my lips briefly to hers, an electric jolt flowed between us.
Then I kissed her more fully, not being able to resist her siren call.
It was like being hit by a Mac truck or perhaps a Greyhound bus.
Surely I would have stumbled if I had not already been leaning against the wall.

My hands roamed across her body, settling finally on one quivering breast.
She let out a moan and settled even deeper into my arms;
she told me she loved me along with all the rest
which did not but should have set off all sorts of alarms.

I led her out of that stuffy place and out onto the balcony.
There I embraced her completely, she melted like butter
and collapsed there right at the end of the symphony.
I supported her and took her away from all that clutter.

We found an empty bedroom and there I gently woke her.
She was insistant and soon we had made the sweetest of loves.
I discovered that I loved her even more than I was right to infer.
But she was not yet mine; technically she belonged to the man in the white gloves.

It was a matter of incomplete paperwork, she had already disowned him.
He had abandoned her but now regretted his error.
He wrongly thought that he could get her back on a whim.
But, to her, he represented nought but terror.

So, we went on from there loving each other so deeply,
but unable yet to seal our love, to marry.
There was no way to have her finally and completely;
this was the sad burden I had to carry.

But I was not to be denied.
No obstacle would be allowed to keep us from our goal.
She woke up from her little love nap and sighed.
It was in that moment that I knew I loved her with all my heart and soul.

And so we carried on as before, falling ever deeper into love,
while separated by time and space so great as to be numbing.
I saw her again from time to time when one day, she looked down on me from above.
Her excitement so apparent, she came flying down the stairs stumbling.

"It is done, it is done" she exclaimed in great joy.
We are free at last to marry and to live happily ever after.
She had finally separated herself from the non-man, that snivelling boy.
And we melted together as one, erupting into great relief and laughter.

We were wed on top of a grassy hill by the sea,
just outside a quaint chapel with just as quaint of a ceremony.
Covered in flowers, her long hair flowed behind her to her knee
and I, amazed at my luck, drank myself silly amidst the lovely cacophony.

mindbringer, 18 January 2014