Sunday, February 2, 2014

Storm Of The Century

The gentle snow fell down like cotton puffs.
It had been a uneventful winter so far,
but gray clouds warned of a change coming.
A change in weather always seemed to come
after a change in romance.
The blizzard came, blowing sideways across the roughs
of the plains.  Quickly it covered the car
and the snow piled up, a sign of more looming.
A storm of the century, this was the big one.
He rolled out of bed and put on his pants.

He turned around and there she was.
Laying there sound asleep, all beauty
and quiet loveliness.
The storm outside woke him but not her.
He could not bear her vision
without touching her once more because
he loved her so deeply. She was now his duty
for they had been married yesterday in oneness.
He reached over and pulled away the fur.
Her nakedness aided in his decision.

He climbed back into the warm bed out of the cold
and rearranged her delicate form,
then entered her in one smooth movement.
Their love had manifested itself many times that night.
Now morning would see more of the same.
Love like theirs was straight out of the tales of old.
Her long, long hair enveloped them, kept them warm.
Their sweat flowed in the primal heat as testament
to their undying love which had taken flight
to a new height. Hence the storm came.

She awoke in sudden pleasure and pulled him in close.
Writhing as one, their love met its climax together.
It was then she noted the howling winds
and the strange coolness of the room.
Not wanting him to leave, she pulled him down for more.
Outside the noise, far from abating, arose
drowning out their own sweet noises with sounds of weather.
It was from God who in his wisdom also sends
the seed that was planted that night in her womb.
They loved each other to their very core.

He decided to not go in to work that day,
it was probably going to be cancelled due to the snow
anyway.  Here he would stay with his asawa, his wife.
They would climb new heights of passion as the storm
outside rose with such clatter and power.
He loved her that morning in every which sort of way.
Their love knew no bounds, no limits, would go
on forever and ever until the end of their life.
They held onto each other to try and stay warm.
It was then that he gave her his gift, a rare spring flower.

Rescued before the coming of the storm, the change in the weather.
Now it was thrust into the center of the real maelstrom.
The storm of the century, their love for each other.

mindbringer, 1 February 2014