Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Love For Thee

My love for thee, how infinite is its nature
how perfect and lovely is its form.
How I love every facet of thee, every feature
even through the violence of a great storm.

My love for thee will never die,
never even diminish or fade
for it will grow beyond knowing how or why
and at the end of each day be remade.

Continually reborn our love will always be fresh
better and stronger and holier than before.
It will be like the tops of the waves before they crash,
like the way outside opens up before the shutting of a door.

My love for thee runs deeper than the deepest sea,
faster than the quickest of the four winds,
slower than molasses dissolves in a cup of tea,
and wider than the greatest grassy plain tends.

I love each and every curve of thy body,
the blush of thy skin as I admire thy great beauty.
God made thou perfect and his work was not shoddy
and he gave thee to me to care for as my solemn duty.

When we make love, I will cherish each and every moment,
time will slow down and pass not freely from point to point
but rather keep rhythm with our exertions and guide us in this sacrament
to mutual ecstasy and even deeper feelings that God us will anoint.

mindbringer, 30 April 2014