Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rhymeless Love

To hold you is the best feeling in the world.
Feeling your heart beat next to mine,
your soft breath on my neck
your head on my chest
your small hands clasped in my hands
as we walk side by side down the sweet paths of life,
arm in arm,
consciousness in consciousness.

Later, in the throws of love,
I taste your lips a thousand times,
your long hair wrapped around us
as we sweat in harmony and
in sacred rhythms.
My love for you will never die.
It will only grow and grow
as we climax entwined as one.

When you came into my life,
it was directionless, without a home.
You gave me purpose and guidance.
A place to hang my hat.
Your love saved me from myself girl.
And in our wonderful moments together
I have found myself.
Found it in you.

Now that we have found each other,
we will live in love forever,
and, taking each other by the hand,
we will walk down the aisle of matrimony
and marry each other before God.
None can keep us apart,
nor can they decrease our feelings for each other.
Closer yet will we become despite their efforts.

And I will love you forever and ever
and our love will always grow stronger
with every passing day and night.
Our dependence on each other,
our connection to each other,
is magical; we are soulmates my love.
What you think I think,
what you feel I feel.

Our love was created at the beginning of time
by God himself when he made the Universe
out of nothing.
Therefore, we have been destined through history
to find each other, fall in love,
and get married.
Remembering this sacred bond and honor,
our love will never end.

mindbringer, 16 April 2014