Sunday, May 11, 2014

Name Change

Her name now read differently, it was his name now.
She had given up hers although she did not quite know how.
How it all happened so fast,
yanking her from her past
into a future bright with promise and hope,
so quickly that they had decided to elope.

Abandoning their plans for a big wedding and celebration,
they instead took off by themselves and in dedication
to each other got married in a small chapel by the sea.
Here was where they had actually always wanted to be.
Married to each other under the eyes of God and nature,
resulting in the name change, a common nomenclature.

Their love for each other was too deep, too strong to wait.
So he picked her up one night and lifted her up and over the gate.
They ran off to his waiting car
(it was parked away not too far)
then headed at once for their hideaway by the ocean
and, once arrived, they succumbed to sweet emotion.

The next morning they rounded up a witness and a priest.
Like most everything here it took a few pesos at least.
But they got the job done at a beautiful chapel on Zambales Bay.
Having had not practiced anything, they did not quite know what to say.
However they got through it finally and said the "I do's"
and ran off on their honeymoon to hotels, beaches and zoos.

They had loads of fun out there in the sun.
So much so that he said "Hon, when we are done,
let us retire to our bed (now that was using his head)
and be alone for a while".  She smiled and the way she lead
him there herself.  There on the moonlit shore
they shut one and opened another door.

Their lives became one long story of love and laughter,
and they lived and loved for now and for ever after.
They seemed to fall every day more in loving fellowship
blessed it would seem by the Holy Spirit's leadership.
People would see them pass by on the busy street
and wonder how any couple could be so perfect, so sweet.

And so it continued like that until the end of time.
Their story one so long, so loving, so sublime.
God had blessed them and given them the gift of eternal life
here on Earth instead of in Heaven so that husband and wife
could serve as examples of true human love as given from above
and bestowed on those who simply sought it out, on the wings of a dove.

mindbringer, 13 April 2014