Saturday, May 24, 2014

Yesterday's Ending

Younger even still,
she rescues him
from his waywardness.
Saves him from his
own lack of timeliness.
Pulls him out of the gutters
of unrequited love
and sits him aright again.

Ready for anything that
is sent from above,
he latches onto her
with that deep thirst
born of long loneliness,
seeking always the solace,
the blessings of wedded bliss.
Immutable, he is free of malice.

They join hands on impulse,
walk their new path together.
Raining, they stir up quite a lather;
she looks fine in tight wet leather.
Culminating in the obvious,
they emerge as one from a hut
of some small coincidence.
Their love now no way frivolous.

And tomorrow beckons with its
endless yesterdays...

mindbringer, 22 May 2014