Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ultimate Love

There is a love that some say is too deep,
too dreamlike in nature to be real,
or say that it's unlikely to be able to feel
so ultimately attached to another human being,
so when confronted with same, these people begin fleeing
out of fear that such a love will over them creep.

It is not a love made for everyone, not for casual lovers,
not for merely sexual lovers, no it is the ultimate love
given at the beginning of time to those few blessed from above.
Whose destiny includes meeting their one and only soul mate
upon whose furrowed brow lies all future wait, the weight
of the burdens of such ultimate love; above them both it hovers.

Because this love can weigh you down if you do not possess
that strength given by God to these privileged couples
so that they may become students of love, mere pupils
in God's class for ultimate love.  It is not for the meek,
nor merely for the strong, but for those who always seek
the ultimate in everything, especially in love's sickness.

A romance that is so deep and immersed that it needs rehearsed.
Heaven's class yields out just a few couples that know such feeling,
Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra are just examples telling
stories for couples to aspire to, but only couples such as us,
those pre-destined by God, get to ride to Earth on His love bus
bringing with them all they'd learned, that in which they were well versed.

So now on Earth they love like no one in history has loved before.
Like the bumble bee loves the flower, as the fish loves the sea,
nothing in this world could like their love ever be.
More than all the leaves on all the trees in all the forests of Earth,
more than all the grains of sand on all the beaches around Her girth,
their love was multiplied.  Lovers all the long day, they each other did adore.

And so it comes to our little story in all this great history and mystery.
We, it would seem, have loved more than all these other couples combined.
Our love, so great, in us has become ultimately raised, ultimately refined.
It is not possible in God's Universe to love more than we love,
to honor more the other, to respect one another; to all else we are above.
We can only watch our love grow more even every day, anniversary after anniversary.

To this I say, I LOVE YOU!  Forever and ever plus a day to ask you to marry me all over again!

Mahal na mahal kita!

mindbringer, 1 June 2014