Monday, July 7, 2014


She sits there, her long black hair in a flip
looking so beautiful, so pretty, so hip.
Waiting there for me to get down from my ship.

As soon as I saw her, I began losing my grip.
She pouted and cried with a quivering lip,
so happy was she to see me on the slip.

I'd spied her down there from up on the deck,
and gone below to change and get my last check
and then had rushed to get off of that wreck!

I had run down the long pier excited as hell,
as soon as I'd heard the all hands liberty bell.
I had escaped from what seemed like a prison cell!

Suddenly, there she was all mine for the taking.
My love for her spilled over; I was quaking!
Soon we'd be home and be busy at love-making.

Leaving the sea and all she meant to me behind
we two walked down the wharf so cool and refined.
Two weeks I'd be home; it was happiness defined.

Always in each other's arms, we laughed or wept
at turns while we made love and then slept
on satin sheets. I was forever in her debt.

For she had saved me from a life gone astray.
A sailor, I had worked hard but harder would play.
If she'd not rescued me I would not be here this day.

I worship the very ground upon which she stands,
she is by far the fairest in all of the lands,
my love for her is more numerous than the sands.

Her beauty is legendary, her body so perfect
that I spent much time with her just to inspect.
And never could I find a flaw or some defect.

We married then one cold and foggy, blustery day.
There down on the sea in a place we would stay
for after the priest it was our time to play!

And so it came time to go back to the sea.
From one mistress to another without much glee,
but I knew she'd always be waiting for me.

mindbringer, 6 July 2014