Thursday, June 26, 2014

Seven Times

Seven times the moon has cycled
since my love and I first met.
And never once have we together bicycled
or even held a hand or with each other sat.

Not yet have we shared a sweet kiss
being thousands of miles apart.
Even though we are in wedded bliss
our love is actually at the start.

We have many years left together
and will grow deeper in love each day.
With each other through all kinds of weather
we will survive, we will find our way.

Seven months it has been since that glorious time
we first spoke words to each other, first conversed
and I offered her my poor words in rhyme.
And now our deep love can not be reversed!

In six more moons we shall finally meet face to face
and see each other, feel each other, touch each other.
And then we will be as in a long distance race
to see if we can get married legally but under cover.

Before God we have already taken our eternal vows,
it is all finished except signing some dotted line.
Our love is already as intense as heaven allows!
The feelings we have for each other are divine.

Happy seventh Monthsarry my dearest and truest love!
Forever and ever will I love only you, cherish just you.
We two are history's golden couple, blessed from above!
Each day we will start again as if our love was new.

mindbringer, 13 June 2014