Monday, July 14, 2014

Whilst Beauty Sleeps

While you in beauty slept,
I quietly sat and wept.
Wept for knowing how lucky,
how blessed I was.

To have found you at my age,
while some consider it outrage,
takes luck to new boundaries,
to ridiculously high heights.

Beauty surrounds you, it loves your soul,
permeates you, swallows you whole.
Lips like a pomgranate, eyes like plums.
Chin so noble, nose so profound.

Your hair in torrents washes down the golden ages,
daring any man to gaze long upon it like sages.
It pillows upon the bed where you in beauty lie
hiding your idyllic form from my prying eyes.

Gazing upon you while you sleep like this
every night carries me away in sweet bliss.
My feelings for you so deep, so encompassing
as to consume my very being, cross my beating heart.

How to tell of my feelings for you,
how they found me for you to renew.
For you to save me from my wretched self,
and set me on this path of eternal gratitude.

My love for you so deep as to forever mystify.
So deep as to all my ills serve to rectifiy.
Deep like the wine-dark sea upon which we sail,
deep as the brick-red canyons of The Colorado.

When I was lost, you found me, nourished me
with your infinite beauty, wits and sobriety.
You picked me up from off the cold hard ground
and turned me 'round then sat me down.

You told me I was worthy of your unlimited love
a love whose origins can only be from above.
I soaked this up, came to life. Taking you as my wife,
I loved you more than was humanly possible.

Yes, our love was of divine conception and origin!
God had grown it out of nothing that had ever been
and placed it into the relentless hands of Father Time.
There, sublime, we floated in endless History.

Serving as an example to all of life's great mystery.
The greatest of all, an unfathomable love story.
We two have loved each other always
and will continue to love each other forever.

Love so long, longer than the greatest river.
To think of life without your makes me shiver.
But that will never be, for you are mine
and I am yours, from now until eternity.

I woke now from my nightly reverie,
and saw that you were no dream, but reality.
And like a dream, you hovered just out of reach
calling to me with every breath you took.

You, my love, I will never ever leave!
Each minute away cause for me to grieve.
I crawled in by your warm, soft and beckoning side
and slipped into you easily, where I belonged.

Belonged for all love stories yet to come...

mindbringer, 13 July 2014