Sunday, July 20, 2014

Away Too Long

She had been gone for days.
Typhoon damage was to blame.
Glenda was her name
(the Typhoon's name was so).
Who can understand their random ways?

Me, I just sit here waiting and waiting.
For natures toll to be remedied and finally end.
For my true love, my wife for life,
to come back to me and take out this knife
embedded in my heart and twisting in the wind.
My love for her is so deep, that there is no debating.

My every breath aches for her presence.
I love her so very much!
This separation, unplanned and unwanted,
serves to strengthen our love, undaunted
we would live for the day such
that I will shower her with presents.

We had sworn our wedding vows before God on high.
Several times!
We never tire of doing so, to show our love
for each other; our gift from up above.
These poor rhymes
seem to show what but cannot tell why.

Why is unfathomable.  Inexplicable.  Even unreasonable.
Since the beginning of time we have been destined for each other.
God created our love at the very start of human history.
Why?  To us and to all that will forever be a great mystery...
Our ages differ somewhat, but I will not even bother
to justify that difference, it is not even doable.

The only important thing is our intense love,
the joy and happiness we bring to one another.
Age means nothing where true love is concerned!
Those who say otherwise shall by us be spurned.
Her and I are each the perfect and complete lover.
As peace rains down upon us from the Holy Dove.

Yes, the Holy Spirit guides our every step back
to each other from the great storm's fury.
Soon, we will be back in contact over the long sea miles
and all will be tears, laughter, joy and smiles!
For that day I live my life in a hurry
and my yearning for her knows no limit, no lack.

Come, come back my sweet sweet Irene!
Come back to your loving husband, your only man.
Wrap your comforting arms around me, the act that saves.
Show me your pretty long hair falling down in waves
over your lovely form, blown about by your electric fan.
And I will welcome you back such as you have never seen!

And then our love will multiply many times and ought
to grow beyond our wildest most fancied dreams!
People will stop and stare as we walk by hand in hand
on our way to dance to the local rock'n'roll band.
Together at last face to face, the long separation seems
to have disappeared, both storm-brought and sea-wrought.

Living now together forever in the Philippine Islands
(I having left the States far behind), we shall be
the stuff great stories are made of and told
to generations hence, as we grow bent and old.
For months I waited to see you across the ancient sea,
and now here we are living as one on your family lands.

I love you my dearest, most precious and loveliest wife!
Mahal na mahal kita!  Mahal...
My love for you will never die,
I shall never leave you.  Do you know why?
Because you are my everything, with you I stand proud and tall.
You and I are connected, you are my whole life.

mindbringer, 19 July 2014