Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nine Months (a tribute to Love)

A love like ours most people would find hard to imagine or to believe,
one would expect it to fade away and then set like the Sun on a midsummer's eve.
The Sun which is always shining somewhere on this rock we call Earth
brings abundant life in all of its myriad glories; for all it is worth.

My vision of you often is one of nature's perfection, of nakedness.
This always leads to seeming insanity, to temporary madness.
I am driven crazy by the sight of your precious and sexy body,
so beautiful and made even more so by your posing so oddly.

We have now been together for nine special, extraordinary months,
nine cycles of that bringer of tides in the night sky ensconced.
Nine months of love every increasing, every evolving, ever growing.
Before time even began our love was put into motion by God all-knowing.

How time flies by when you are as deeply and romantically in love as we are!
The days and nights rush past in a confusion of dreams as if seen from afar.
For we've been separated all this time by seven thousand miles of mountain and sea.
Most would say by that standard alone we should not exist, we should never be.

But be we are and are shall we be...or this one was not born under a chestnut tree.
Our love not only existed, it flourished and has now become part of History.
For upon our unworthy heads did far-seeing God bestow this special place in his story,
this place where two such as us were destined to meet and to forever just be.

mindbringer, 12 August 2014