Thursday, August 14, 2014

Where Time Went

Where has all the time gone?
Where have all the angels run?
What is this place we have left?
Of all that is earthly now bereft?

'Tis a land now unclaimed and forgotten
where inhabitants once were always besotten.
Now their blank faces upturned asking "why?"
Seeking mere drops of the old magic they'd sigh.

Sighing and soon to be crying nowhere and no place.
Never to have been a part of this proto-human race.
Empty night lands that old stories told us all about
staring us in our faces with their screamless pout.

Cloulds of dust and blood spray mingled with the sparse rain
to form a preternatural sludge of infintie proportion.  Insane!
Crazy geometric shapes replace the sky, tears of diamonds fall.
The entire remnants of time-born society gathered against yon wall.

There to mesh together and procreate a new replacement history
one where time once again ruled and reigned and led in new glory
those that would follow.  But what of those who would not follow?
It was they who lay just insided your imagination; there in that hollow!

So underlying all of the new societal time was the original land of no time.
A land which in it s nearness  caused effects to be felt in the new land of rhyme.
The humanesque lifforms gathered all as one in a group and picked one of them to be leader.
In place of forgotten time, he ruled this one and all others with the iron fist of a Crusader.

So time slipped back across The Last Frontier, the great "wall" at the end of the expanding universe.
What all lay on the other side of the great wall only time would tell.  A task for which he must rehearse.
Now that time was on that side of the great wall and all else was on this side, a great dilemma presented itself.
If time was forever gone what did that mean?  Was there even a forever now, was there a now?  Was there even a self?

mindbringer, 13 August 2014