Friday, August 1, 2014

The Last Tear Unfallen

The thin-colored wine
lay warming unattended
in its crystal glass.
Pink was it nature,
rose its flavor, its taste.

Aquired in order to dine,
drank that troubles be meneded.
However, then alas
I failed to realize the mature
state of my sorrow; gone to waste...

Gone now many of those tears of mine.
Running away from it just made me winded!
I seemed to be such an ass!
I couldn't even use the correct nomenclature.
My sadness was the consistency of paste.

One year ago already, now all seemed fine
but actually my heart was so rended,
my memories turned to ash.
Sweet, endless sorrow has such stature:
its edges still mourning-laced.

Death bent over to sign
my feelings away; unintended
as it was.  Like useless cash,
in pockets it lay.  No rapture
could lessen its haste.

So, victim to it by divine
will no more.  Sadness ended
comparatively, so rash
that it seemed to capture
my feelings in cement encased.

mindbringer, 31 July 2014
(on the occasion of the one year anniversary of my late wife's death...)