Monday, August 25, 2014

The Wine Dark Sea

Flowing down your back like the wine dark Aegean flows down the edge of the world
your long, beautiful hair that sends shivers down my spine lies piled and swirled
on our bed of love, our place where we become one with all of nature and time stops
its endless march forward to, for a time, stay its aging hand, cease its tics and tocs.
Knocks at the door reveal to us finally that there are children in this house of ours
demanding our attentions, wanting us to play with them, to while away the daylight hours.
Reluctantly we release our sweet embrace and move to let in our bundles of pure joy.
In seconds they have taken over our lives and made them their own, seeking a favorite toy,
they are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  Bright as the sun, smart as a tack,
they bounce upon the poor bed, leap out onto the floor and, as a group, leave their attack
and, curiousity satisfied, pile back into the room whence they came, boisterous and loud,
leaving us alone again, alone to love each other once more without the joyful crowd.

Your passion and mine entwined forever while we lay together as God in his wisdom intended
for loving couples such as us, demonstrating to a love-starved world that has pretended
at love, what true love is really all about, what endless love, unquenchable steaming love,
has to offer it in place of war, strife, violence, hate and avarice.  Yes, great God above
brought us together to be as one in his love, having created us at the beginning of history
always destined to be together at some point in Earth's story, the penultimate mystery
of life incarnate.  Caressing each other, we reach our climaxes as we should, together as one.
Sweating and breathing so hard, we gaze deeply into each other's eyes, there beneath the setting sun.
We talk to each other in low, whispering voices so as to not attact the children again, telling each
other of our love, of our devotion, of our passion, of our needs and wants and desires, to reach
the pinnacle of what married life is all about, the nirvana of our lives, the very snow-topped mountain
of dedication to one another, here in our tiny bed floating down the river of the wine dark Agean.

mindbringer, 24 August 2014