Thursday, September 4, 2014

Inevitable Forever

Some people have said "Try to live without her!",
as if there was even some kind of an option, a choice.
Her very soul, her being infiltrates me like a whisper
leaving me speechless, without even a voice.

Crippled by love, I limp towards her image like a mirage.
There in front of me but separated by seven thousand miles.
I desire her, need her, want her but am a victim of sabotage.
Lack of options, finances, keep me from kissing her smiles.

So I sit here in my library writing about her unable to touch,
unable to caress, unable to make love to, the heart of my dreams.
She, in the same predicament, does what she can for me, much
like Aphrodite did for all men, she does lots more than it seems.

Marrying me in theory, taking me to be her only love, her only man.
Until we can sign the paperwork, we live our blessed lives as one,
making it each day inevitably together by the grace of God's plan.
When that day comes that we are face-to-face, we will have won.

Victory will be ours!  Our wonderful lives together as one started,
our emotions and desires all satisfied at the same precious time.
We will live and love together until the far end of time, parted
only by death and even then finding each other there in the sublime.

True love is inevitable.  Forever...

mindbringer, 3 September 2014