Monday, September 15, 2014

Love Defeats All Enemies

The rooftop turbine stared at the man
through the big hospital room window
like the man was the one that was odd.
But the man was just a man, no less
and no more.  Sure, if he had to guess
the turbine in its lonely plot of sod
had assumed he was old and ready to go
but this was not his intent, not his plan.

The man would live on to fight another day.
A stiff couple of days of anti-biotics had
defeated the serious leg infection and pain
but that was not all that had been at work.
He had got well again not by some mere quirk!
No, there sheltered from the gray days of rain
when everything that happened seemed to be bad
there were other forces and events in full play.

He had a dear loved one that lived very far away.
She had such power over him, such infinite love
for him, that he could feel her presence close by.
Her prayer, her thought, her emotion, her feeling
directed toward him as he lay there under the ceiling
surely had some affect on his health which was why
he loved her so much.  She was his little turtle dove
and they had been married in spirit just the other day.

For ten months they had grown ever deeper in love,
ever closer, ever more caring and knowing of each
other's very soul, that it seemed nigh unimaginable
that they could become even greater in these things.
But this scare caused these two inseparable beings
to realize that what they had was not even tangible
but rather bordered on the mystical; beyond the reach
of mere reality, and had to have been bestowed from above.

Yes, love does conquer all!  All enemies and foes fall slain
at its feet.  The naysayer is left to scratch his shaking head
and wonder how such love is even possible.  He simply does not
understand the workings of divine providence.  The act of God
as funneled through a tiny sweet girl to her loving man, odd
when seen from the outside view but not when they had fought
on all levels to save their love, and in their wedding bed
consumate it with all the blessings deserved by these twain.

Love defeats all its enemies with a hot and withering blast!
With disdain for all non-believers, it marches on side by side
with all lovers and has since time immemorial.  Never tiring,
indefatigable, always protective of those truly in its sway.
Love often defeats death and sickness and sends them on their way
down other paths until some other day dawns, so damned inspiring
it is, causing the lovers to look at each other with eyes of pride
looking at the now that will soon enough be the forgotten past.

mindbringer, 14 September 2014