Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rise Up

An encrusted version of himself
rose out of the barnacle-infested waters
to seek out and lie upon the white-sanded beach.
Hot, it burned his skin but he did not care.
He threw back his now foamy wet hair
and stretched out upon it like a leech.
In the water all afternoon, like otters
he had become one with the sea's wealth.

The sand coated his wetness in crystals of light
and he rolled around and around in it until
not a bare spot anywhere was left uncoated.
The sun glinted off of his encrusted crystal body
blinding the hundreds of side-ways-walking crabs
so that they ended up in little piles and slabs
of crustacean blissful ignorance.  There was a muddy
section of the beach down from where he had floated
that he purposefully avoided as if it would kill
him with its obscurity and make all wrongness right.

This was a day for wrongness to win, to prevail.
It had been days since he last talked to his fiance.
An emptiness had spread from his gut up to his heart
and he was left with a feeling of total loneliness.
Here he was alone now on this beach by the wilderness.
Into the woods he decided to go and see what part
in his lonely life it might play, while the sun's ray
made his new skin covering sparkle and invisibility fail.

If anyone had been there to see, he would have been quite
the sight. A glowing, sparkling, dripping wet creature
of the now setting sun rising up from the beach renewed
and depressed at the same time.  Without his lady by his side
he was lost and so sought refuge in the nearby forest's enveloping
quietude.  There alone with his thoughts and dreams of her, coping
in spite of the difficulties he was faced with. Her big wide
eyes haunted his thoughts, her very long hair he understood
to be his saving grace when it was wrapped around every aperture
of his body.  Her love was his to have with all of his might.

The deeping woodlands surrounded him with their close mustiness.
When breathed in it sent one into ecological and environmental reverie.
Shining bright amongst the darkening trunks and leaf canopies
he reflected the Sun's last efforts until the Moon took over.
Now he was like a beacon in the night, beckoning all to his side.
All the creatures of the night, the flora and fauna, came to ride
upon his beingness (his nothingness gone for a time).  Clover
and ferns, moss and fungi, lichen and squirrels, next to the sea's
crashing waves just a little off past the beach, all hurry
to be by his light.  Thoughts of her expelled all pain and duress.

Suddenly, the inner power of his love of her, his dear nearly wife
struggled to emerge from the crusty shell enveloping him completely
and make itself the focus of his existence again.  Bursting forth
it shattered the crystals, tossed off the barnacles and heated
the thick air surrounding him to the point that evil was defeated
and she strangely appeared floating above him now to the North.
She was the one now all aglow and she beckoned him unconsciously
to reabsorb her into his soul once again and to be a part of his life.

He allowed her spectre to slowly descend and enter his every pore
until he was like a born-again man, agile and capable now, ready
for her body, ready for her love, ready for her overpowering sensuality.
As she reentered his body, a feeling of deep relief and optimism
came over him.  He knew now that soon he would see her again, not a vision
but a real person that he could touch and feel once more.  Reality
inserted itself into his beach-driven altered state and, still unsteady,
he walked up the nearby hill out of the woods like out of a door.

There she was at the summit, waiting for him as naked as he was.
Her long hair blowing sidways with the strong winds, her breasts
calling him near.  Running now he embraced her and they fell entwined
to the Earth, making love as if it was their first time, leaving nothing
undone, nothing unsaid, nothing unfelt.  All emotions were laid bare.
As bare as they were.  Pure unadulterated love emanated from them there
and filled the air with its healing vibrations, then, while not moving
the whole world seemed to rotate beneath them and they would find
that they were finally together again, this time forever.  Nests
emptied out their contents in joyous celebration and applause.

Finished finally, they rose up and, hand-in-hand, they walked nude
down the other side of the hill away from the sea towards the river
where their clothes mysteriously lay as if placed there by some god.
Dressing they watched each other with the hunger of days apart
and vowed then and there to each other that never again would art
paint them into corners of non-togetherness.  They each gave a nod
and made their way towards a dimly lit house as the quirky weather
quickly deteriorated and the moonlit storms gathered in a new mood.

They entered the house and discovered a ready made meal and warm fire
had been made as if specifically for them.  They looked at each other
and suddenly realized this was the place from which they had departed
from each other days ago!  Everything was as they had left it except
the fire was still lit and stoked and the food was still edible and warm.
Not arguing with the situation they found themselves in, the storm
outside now roaring, they sat down at the fully laden table and kept
close to each other as if inseperable.  Here where they had begun, started
upon their seperate journeys and now reunited, they vowed to never
leave each other again and, pinching each other, awoke to Heaven's Choir.

mindbringer, 29 November 2014