Sunday, November 16, 2014


It had been one long crazy up and down year now.
Outside the first snow was falling down sideways
and it was colder than a witch's tit in a steel bra.
He was working on his lighted porcelain Christmas village
and was doing the farm, having placed the last cow.
This was how he had passed several of the last days.
But his thoughts always turned to her without a flaw...
He dreamed of her last night at prom with a corsage!

Of course, they had not even met until well, well after prom...
It was one year ago today that they had accidentally met.
Prom was more than forty years ago for him though much less for her.
Their age difference was the talk of many but did not matter to them.
It was her youth, her incessant beauty, her eyes (those eyes) from
which he drew his strength.  When her long, long hair was let
down nearly to the floor, he would go nuts, maybe run out to get her a fur
or just some white roses (her favorite) and chocolates, all on a whim.

Yes, she had him wrapped around her little finger tighter than a drum
but she did not take advantage of that fact for she loved him as much
as he loved her.  Together, their love had grown to an epic proportion
in a relatively short time.  One year.  On this note, he opened a beer
and toasted to the thin air of her absence, causing consternation in some
and disbelief in others.  Separated by huge distance and time distortion,
their love somehow continued to grow through bad times or good, with no fear.

There was nought to fear for them for they would soon be married for real.
In just a few weeks he would fly to the Philippine Islands and meet her face
to face at long last!  They would almost immediately consumate their love
and live each day and night as if it were their last, holding hands always.
These last few days prior to his plane's departure would often simply feel
unreal, he would be stressed out by the endless wait, as if he were in a race,
a race against time for him and against failed loves for her sent from above
to rescue her man, her Tommy-ko, her asawa.  She loved him in all known ways.

They talked every day and night for hours and hours via Facebook Messenger
and looked at each other in wonder on Skype hearing each other's voices
always as if for the first time.  They exchanged tons of videos and pictures
so that they would not forget each other.  But no matter the length of time
they were separated, they knew in their hearts that they would be together
forever until the end of time.  They knew that God had approved their choices
and had indeed made arrangements for them to meet eons ago, becoming fixtures
in the astrological skies above.  For them, it was without reaon or rhyme.

They mereley knew how they felt and how thier hearts connected one to the other.
Always close, they became ever closer each and every day.  Love grew more strong
with every passing moment.  After their meeting ih person in a few weeks. they
will have solidified their love and made the following re-separation bearable.
Walking down the street, they would attract attention from those who would bother
them and try to break them up.  This they knew was impossible, was very wrong.
They had always been destined for each outher, they knew that there was no way
they would ever leave each other.  So, being as one, they became their own parable.

Happy One-Year anniversary my sweet sweet wife!  I love you and will so forever!

mindbringer, 15 November 2014