Monday, February 23, 2015

Forever His

He awoke to snow.  White and dry.
It filled the valleys to the brim.
Those misty hollows of avarice
now strangely cold and bleak.
He rolled over and there she was!
The most beautiful of God's concoctions.
Still wet from a few hours before
he gently pushed her onto her side
and entered her without hesitation.
The ecstasy, oh the intense pleasure
she could bring him even asleep.
His love for her ran extremely deep
and, although her eyes were not of azure,
he accepted her brownness with no reservation.
Brown sugar as sweet as the rivers are wide.
He remembered carrying her through their door...
She was his for 360 degrees in any direction,
obeying all his commands. It is what she does.
But out of love not fear! She was weak
and shy but no other woman was as amorous
as she was.  Their love would never dim,
never fade and never ever would it die.

mindbringer, 22 February 2015