Friday, March 6, 2015

Amongst Fields of Wonder

Far horizons, distant across the pink and purple plains,
under the shadows of a storm, stricken by violent rains,
showed their beckonings to me like young pubescent girls.
Suddenly, wings flapping through the lake's liquid chemicals,
an Orange-Throated Fleming launched into the gasses of the atmosphere,
that barely breathable mixture of sadness and good cheer,
all under our three Suns having a moment of cosmic clarity
as they melted towards each other in three-part harmony.

Celestial winds blew against the Fleming momentarily impeding his progress.
I observed all of this from my Omni-craft red as the sunrise, but I digress...
You see, I was hunting the Fleming and I was now in reach of him, so close,
that I could see the blue and gold feathers in his wings, a veritable overdose
of color and beauty that made me question for a minute the purpose of my outing.
However, I must feed my family, so I motored the Omni-craft ever closer routing
it in such a manner as to fool the huge bird into thinking I was not interested
even though my every thought was upon him and how to stalk him; I was fully invested.

At last I was close enough to my prey to cast out my truffle-net and snare him,
dragging him down onto the swampy edges of the lake where through thick or thin
I would retrieve him and make sure he was dead and then add him to my collection.
I sent my throg into the chemicals of the swamp to go out in the general direction
and find our trophy.  Soon to be eaten, it was no real trophy but mere food.
Food which was technically illegal to eat or kill, but with that I was in no mood.
Food was becoming so hard to come buy here on Altraxis.  But eat one must,
so I grabbed the rare bird by the neck as my trusty companion upwards did thrust.

The three suns were now as one in the sky, the other two hiding behind the larger red one.
I tried not to stare at the blinding sight, beautiful as it was, for I needed some
acute and accurate sight at the moment as I wrestled with the bird and finally broke
it's beautiful, delicate neck.  The overwhelming silence in the absence of his croak
seemed odd against the background of the Omni-crafts idling engines.  I tossed our
conquest into the box with the other assorted catches then moved the middle power
lever forward to maximum and we lit out of there with all possible speed, leaving
behind any evidence that we had ever been there, the Fleming's mate already grieving.

Fifty chronun leads later we arrived at our home and to my family.  They rushed out
to see me and what I had managed to catch this trip, and had not the slightest doubt
that I was the mightiest hunter this side of Sardonis!  The weight of my catch
had played havoc with my down-draft thrusters and they now needed to have a latch
attached to them to keep them in proper alignment.  After two hours of maintenance
I retired into my abode made of stone and sand from the plain's haggard countenance.
My spouse had already started the skinning and gutting process of early meal preparation
while I with my pipe and Jovian Scotch, throg at my side, both waited in anticipation.

That day had seen us, the throg and I, afoot amongst the Fields of Wonder, in pursuit
of the most beautiful and rarest of prey.  If the Counties found out, I would be resolute
in denying that I had done such a thing, the evidence now slaughtered and safe in our freezer.
I felt some exhaustion from the day's activities, as I was getting older but not yet a geezer.
I found my spouse naked in our floating bed and dove into her like a starving man would!
Some things never changed and we had a wonderful night full of dinner and did what we could
to insure the other was satisfied fully.  My throg standing at the foot of the bed, tongue wagging
and tail thrashing until we were finished.  I rolled over and planned the next day's outing...

mindbringer, 5 March 2015