Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Tides

Sharp knives and dull ones flashed up and down
through the thick, sweltering air of early Spring
in the close confines of the halls of the Senate.
Each hitting its mark, each taking its toll upon
their helpless, no longer struggling, target.

All had evil-looking grins on their faces, not a frown
was to be found.  About their shoulders they did fling
their robes to free up their plunging arms so that
each thrust went in and out several times not just one
time as if to make sure their name would not be forgot.

In and out by the tens, nay, by the terrible score
through flesh and blood and even bones they tore
spilling out upon the white sacred Senatorial floor
the resulting blood, bits of flesh and horrid gore.
Their arms so busy as to later leave each one sore.

Until at last, looking askance at his close friend,
who held bloody blade, great and noble Caesar fell.
And with him fell the Roman Republic for as much as
his assailants meant to save it, they destroyed it
with each and every blow.  Empire rushed in that day.

For despite the gladiators protecting each killing fiend,
and the Generals that participated, brave Antony did tell
the angry mobs and loyal soldiers what had happened alas
and they gathered up in arms and set out in hot pursuit
destroying every murderer. Caesar after all had his way.

mindbringer, 15 March 2015