Friday, March 13, 2015

With The Grace Of God

Like her beauty, love virtually dripped from her.
Oozing from every pore, it wafted across the room
affecting everybody within its spell, flooring them.
For her he would buy jewelry, fragrances and fur.
The love he felt for her was so large that it would loom
over all else and he knew that she also truly loved him.

Having found each other Sixteen months ago quite by accident,
they now were engaged and so in love as to make the world tremble.
Their love was like the ancient myths and stories told to little
ones to show them the true path of their lives and what they meant.
For to be able to follow in their footsteps would nearly resemble
having the most perfect of loves, fully testing their resolve and mettle.

It was to honor the world and the creator that they vowed to always
remain together through the hardest times, always allowing their love to
grow stronger and finer with every breath they took, with every heartbeat.
After all, it was almighty God who had brought them together in his wise ways
knowing that these two creations of his were meant for each other. He who
was all-knowing and all-powerful put these lovers on Earth to joyfully meet.

He gave her great beauty and poise, making her sexually attractive to all
but only available to her chosen mate.  And he was molded and tested through
a first marriage which ended in tragedy but made him strong and ready for her.
After 32 years, he now would be led to the woman of his dreams and quickly fall
for her head over heels.  Together these two would become as one, like the blue
of the sky encompassing all the world.  With him, she had no need to even lure.

He was already hers since the beginning of time!  Taking many paths and sidetracks,
he had led a rough and lustful life. But she becalmed him and brought him succour
and served as his anchor.  Already a mother from a failed first marriage she had also
not yet found her true calling.  Then they two met amidst doubts and claims and attacks
from friends and families but through it all they persevered and walked through the door
of God's forgiveness into his arms and the plans he had laid out for them high and low.

For God knows best and all would not always be ideal as with any couple.  They would have
their little quarrels and misunderstandings.  But there was never any doubt that they would
conquer all of these trials and tribulations and come out the other side all the better for it.
Their love would serve as an example to all of how love should be, how to put it on like a salve
and live by the Golden Rule and keep their marriage vows.  They would live in the fields and wood
of the nearby mountains near the great grey sea and on top of the higest keep the beacon of life lit.

Their duties performed and the light of their love shining forth across the land, they would take repast
and, hand in hand, lead one another down the halls of life as living proof that one plus one equals one.
Every day and every evening they would eagerly consumate their love and bring forth children of their own,
raising them in God's graces and in his sight, falling ever deeper and deeper in love. One that would last
through all of history and into the infinite future of their eternal lives.  This gift from God they had won
through their decency, through their good works, and, believing in him, were the happiest couple ever known.
mindbringer, 13 March 2015