Friday, August 14, 2015


Listening to Wagner Overtures I slipped deep within myself,
and to those tunes rose again another person entirely.
I put the 13-record set back once more upon its lofty shelf
and, pointing myself toward yonder towering mountains, fairly
and nobly left the physical confines of my library, self-
aware as never before and headed ever Westward lively
and eagerly seeking that which I had lost as if to some elf
who had infiltrated my sacred abode and given me, warily,
some of his ethereal powers laying dormant as he with stealth
had deposited them far back in the reaches of my mind eerily
and there to wait their awakening by said Master of that wealth
of Art and Music.  Ever on now I trod and once enveloped nearly
completely in the pagan Woods, I breathed in at last my new self.

mindbringer, 13 August 2015