Monday, August 17, 2015

Remy and Irene

Tears flowing like wine down my throat,
memories launching forth like a boat.
I looked in vain for my departed wife,
whom without I have hardly any life.
Her laughter, her joy, her ready smile
for which I would walk many a mile.
Has left me forever devoid of happiness,
living day to day in stark sadness.

Who can rescue me from these dire straits?
Is there anybody out there whom for me waits?
Yes, I believe there is at least one soul,
who can fill this place in my heart, this hole.
My now beloved fiance, Irene, can save me thus,
into her willing, loving arms I run in a rush.
She cares for me like my wife once always did
and into her care I submit myself, sadness rid.

Yes, during the moments I am with her, I forget
for a while, the sad and lonely times, the wet
tears dry up and a smile can be seen on my face
that before was dead to look at like outer space.
Irene can not bring Remy back, but she can bring me.
From the night terrors and loneliness I am now free.
And I can look forward to a time when we will be together,
and in her consoling arms I will linger then forever.

mindbringer, 16 August 2015
(my late wife Remy's birthday, she would have been 56)