Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Queen Kareen

(a comedy)

She is my Queen, never shall her feet touch the ground,
never will she want for anything in this world or the next.
Able to dance on the head of a pin, she swirls round and round,
and then suddenly stops and pounces down upon me under the pretext
of wanting me to make love to her, yet she makes not a single sound.
She has her way with me and then climbs back upon her pin seemingly vexed.
Of what there is no way of knowing, I pull my hair and upon the floor pound.
But she merely sits up there upon her throne and pulls out her phone sending text.
So, I decide to come up to her instead and commence building a big dirt mound.
See, this pin is no ordinary pin but is twenty feet tall, so she is sexed
and going a little bit nuts up there, far away from being city bound,
she sees me coming up closer and so she waves hands and I am hexed.
I stumble and fumble around now as I look for the lost and found.
Why, I do not know, I am hexed after all, as if I were T-Rexed.
Growing claws I quit the climb and chase after a hound.

mindbringer, 1 September 2015