Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kareen, Kareen

Kareen, Kareen the beautiful, so distant, so far,
your name trips off the lips like honey from a hive.
I know you by your shorter cute nickname, Kar.
For you my love I for many long miles would drive.
Even though just met, God put in heaven our own star!
Under its nightly glow, we become even more alive
and fight our way through dissenting crowds like a war.
To always seek each other in the dark, we lovingly strive.

But it is how we strive in the blazing light of day
that really determines the direction of our longing.
Is it South towards the cold and ice-bound way?
Or is it West towards a fading Sun that is setting?
How about North to the Land of Claus, or so folks say?
No, it is none of these but rather East toward Sun's rising.
In this manner we enter the daily renewal of solar ray
and find ourselves eclipsed by all that is truly living.

They shame us into retrospection and put us in a reverie.
A reverie where all of life lies before us to examine.
Little by little we hold each bit of nature in our memory
and from the old, lonely lady at the door of her small cabin
we receive the blessings of the universe, all of infinity.
Not knowing us, she knew we were in love, and in heaven.
Inviting us in to her inner sanctum, she served us tea
and some sweetened loaves of soft, warm bread that was unleaven.

Was she some sort of priestess to have such entertainment?
Maybe, but we, as we drank in each other's eyes, unknowingly
and unwittingly sprang her trap, finding ourselves in inclement
weather miles from her door where we were before seemingly
none the worse for wear.  But i swear beauty herself in that moment
everlasting, descended upon your moon-lit thighs and guided me
into their sweet embraces, love falling all around us which meant
that we, mere mortals, had been shown by Gods, the way to harmony.

Harmoniously we played the timeless tunes of a nascent universe
upon our weathered brows, stopping only for a random kiss
sealed with lips of shining pulchritude.  Suddenly the multiverse
sprang forth from Nothing and showered us with endless bliss!
We found our naked selves afloat in the sea, blindly perverse
in its awkwardness, yet instilling in us great respect and happiness.
Together we swam toward a distant shore, unable to stop or reverse
Nature's evolving plan for us and falling ever more into Love's embrace.

Making it at last to the pink-sanded beach we caught our breath
and then stood facing each other like new-born babes absent our clothing.
Embracing each other in the ocean breezes we discovered underneath
a blazing, golden Sun each curve of skin, each fiber awakening
inside us the most intense of loves and a passion was born therewith.
A passion made in heaven for us to share in. then so real and loving
we lay down beside each other in a sheltered area just the right width.
and there we made love over and over while the new day kept on dawning.

mindbringer, 29 August 2015