Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Good News

I saw you coming from a mile away...
your long hair swaying in the wind
and your unmistakable sexy gait.
I had waited for your return all day.
For I had some news of which to send.
We no longer had to stay put and wait!

Our marriage license had been approved!
We could now be married very, very soon.
Quickly we would be deep into wedded bliss!
All these hurdles were now finally removed.
I think I am so happy, crazy as a loon!
No longer would our lives be hit and miss.

But together as One we would go forward.
Never parted again, but together always!
Our lovemaking would now be non-stop...
and we could make progress finally toward
goals and how to spend the rest of our days.
At night you could now be the one on top.

Your favorite position, I love it too!
Because I can see you so well right there
in front of me, ready in all respects.
You are so beautiful, it is all I can do
to maintain for even a few minutes, your hair
falling down around us, heaven in all aspects.

We cuddle always afterwards in each others arms.
Our legs entwined, we doze off only to awake
later and do it all again!  Insatiable we are,
oblivious to all that is negative or that harms.
Here at our humble abode on the seaside lake,
we attract visitors from near and from far.

They come from miles around to see the pair
that is the talk of the town.  An American guy
and a lovely Filipina gal, so very much in love.
Finding each other randomly, and then falling
quickly in love, you here and I over there.
How do these things happen, no body knows why!
God ordained it, has sent down upon us his dove.

At last you reach me and I gather you to me
and tell you the good news.  Your eyes light up
and your smile gets so big.  We kiss under
the late-day Sun, and walk together by the sea
towards the resort where we can relax and sup.
Our lives are now filled with joy and wonder!

We talk to the resort staff to plan our feast.
The feast that will follow our wedding day.
We'll stay here with guests for two days or three.
And have a blast here by the sea!  The least
of our worries will be how to make our way
from these days forward, together just you and me.

mindbringer, 19 September 2015