Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Through The Fire

I love you like the setting sun loves those last hills in the fading west,
breaking up the clouds into shades of pink and purple and brilliant gold.
I love you like the baby birds love to leave the comforts of the nest
and fly away into the sky free as the wind into the upper levels of cold.
I love you so much that I can't imagine ever leaving you who are the best
thing to ever happen to me, that somebody with which I hope to grow very old.
Better than all I have ever had before combined, far better than all the rest.
Our love can never be diminished, can never be traded, never bought and never sold.
We have fought through the fires of trials, but have always passed the test.
It is a love such as ours that tales have been weaved, that stories have been told.
And now here at the end of all things, our love still survives strong and lest
we doubt it to be so, we find ourselves placed by God in the warmth of His eternal fold.

mindbringer, 15 September 2015