Wednesday, October 14, 2015


You always clear my fevered mind,
angels like you are hard to find.
You always make my day so wonderful,
my nights so sweet and beautiful.
You always put me up so very high,
so high I can almost touch the sky!
You always send me your true love,
send it to me on wings of a dove.
You always are right there for me,
I fall before you on bended knee.
You always make me glad we married,
I regret all those days I tarried.
You always are so lovely and pretty,
proud I am to take you out on the city.
You always are so quick to forgive,
you give me so many reasons to live.
You always smile and make me glad,
never do I ever want to get mad.
ALWAYS will I love thee...
ALWAYS will I treasure thee...
ALWAYS will I worship thee...

mindbringer, 13 October 2015
(Our 23rd Monthsarry)