Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cry, Cry The Gathering Gloom

All together in this shrinking room,
cry, cry the gathering gloom.
Sigh, sigh the end of a lifetime
of memories and endless rhyme.
Of loves won and lost herein,
and thoughts that have led to sin.

Of all those, only one comes to mind.
Why, why did I leave her confined?
My, oh my, she is a sensual feast!
She used all of them to say the least.
Tied and bound, naked as the new night,
she had long ago given up the fight...

I approached her, dull dagger in hand,
No, no I cannot fulfill her demand!
Sing, sing ye angels of near death.
Take from her the last dying breath...
That rasping, grasping last breath of life,
forced from her my wife with rusty knife.

I awoke from the dream, from the sad joke...
Alas, alas my love, err morning has broke,
Please, please show me a sign, a proof of life.
My dearest love, my sweet darling angel-wife.
No blade has shown itself thrust from your breast,
no blood poureth forth from the place that you rest.

Your eyes open and glance around, lighting upon me.
Hark! Hark! They brighten the room, shadows flee!
Haste!  Make haste my love to re-enter my existence.
Come hither quickly and rid this room of pestilence!
All together in this living, breathing room,
laugh, laugh at those gathered at your empty tomb.

mindbringer, 6 October 2015