Monday, November 23, 2015

Consummation Draws Ever Nearer

The endless waiting, impatience driven by unconsummated love,
lends unlikeliness to the whole endeavor despite
its reputation for being born about on the wings of a dove.
Pacing the floor back and forth without respite,
does nothing except wear out the carpet as seen from above.

The bird's-eye view of the hapless soul's activities below
do not even reflect the half of his suffering!
He fell so quickly in love with this angel on Earth, to know
how he really feels is to cheat Time's rendering
of its course in this now cold Season of much prayer and snow.

Cold runs Love through his vein-like fibrous ribbons of steel.
Cold if compared to when they are re-met!
Then the heat from their meeting will melt ice under every wheel!
It is a few days until the too-slow jet
takes him into the arms of his dearest one their love to seal.

And on that day history will be made just as so much love is made!
They will tire themselves but not slow down.
Their noises and thumping will ruin the sleep of child and maid
but they'll be no louder than a circus clown!
Forever in love and now consummated, their future plans can be laid.

A future full of romance, dedication, and demonstration of their feelings.
Forever will they look into each other's eyes!
And even longer will they hold the hands of the other under ceilings
of plaster or under the blue wide-open skies.
Of their antics and frivolities many will tell stories of their dealings.

Far and wide will their love be known and modeled after by those seeking
to have a perfect love, one bounded by no bounds
and chased about by hounds as if they were foxes leaving the pack reeking
of sweat and effort and no short supply of sounds.
The sounds of love that shame all other sounds, those of their love-making.

mindbringer, 22 November 2015