Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Taking Is Giving

Bodies quivering, trembling together under the pale late autumn moonlight shaking.
There in the lawn dying, browning drawing its last breaths that I had just been raking.
In our ecstasy, fantasy we had taken our love to its ultimate crests but kept taking.
Our passions breaking, collapsing in each other's arms panting and much later aching.

Juices flowing, erupting everywhere there under the waxing moon we'd soon have our share.
We laid out in the open, languorously spread out under sheltering oaks which now were bare.
Slowly realizing the significance of our circumstances, the ignorance of our surroundings fair,
we rolled back, coasted back into open arms and, all that be damned, we began again without care.

Tonight we would never leave the rhythm, the movement of time caught up as we were in the romance
of love begging for ever more and still more; the Universe singing to us was not by mere chance!
The Gods and Goddesses of yore were dillying and dallying about the field made happy by our chants,
chants unknowingly followed under some strange, ancient instructions here in our corner of France.

She brought me achingly to the very top of my existence once again and I pulled her up off the ground
holding her as if weightlessly under the thrusts of passions for my lover who made the sweetest sound.
A sound taught us only by the Spirits of the Forests who seemed to be the same as those of Love profound,
given we were now surrounded by both chorusing in unison, a symphony cascading in waves of joy so round.

All of Nature now encircled our raptures bearing witness, witholding judgement on that act which was needed
far more than any other and born out of Truth and Love and Beauty all at once in the same moment fed
by its own desires and joining with ours, together that neck of the woods became fertilized, seeded
as it were, while providing all parties with the practicalities of pure pleasure as all rose and peaked...

mindbringer, 23 November 2015