Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Youth

The snow was blowing around and falling down,
twelve inches or more, all over the sleepy town.
School let out early and on every kid no frown
was found!  They went to Mac's to see the clown
who was passing through visiting each franchise
and fooling nobody, let alone the kids who were wise
beyond their years in all things make-believe.  Size
did not matter.  They all ordered burgers and fries
and some even chocolate milkshakes.  It was cold
but a shake still sounded good to a kid.  As old
as Ricky some of them were and were being told
to watch the little kids on the way home who bold
and brash would maybe run out into the slick street.
There was no danger of the older kids being beat
home by the youngsters.  Sleds and skis and heat
awaited the bunch.  The snow had now turned into sleet
and was covering the white with a layer of thin ice
and made matters worse.  Now that was not very nice!
Sliding down the sidewalk to his house, Ricky's advice
to the rest was to get home and ask to have a slice
of pizza or oatmeal to warm them up before going out
to play in the deep snow.  They all said bye with a shout
and took off down their respective side streets.  Doubt
whether they could play or not rose up like noise on Route
80 that passed on the outskirts of town not far away.
Tonight marked the two week point before Santa and his sleigh
would be checking his lists twice and making his way
towards each child's house.  This made longer each day
and caused a lot of impatience in the children.  Hoping
the time would pass faster, they headed for the big sloping
hill between their houses and the highway.  This was coping
as well as they could with the situation.  Tommy, moping
along far behind the others, turned out to be scared.
Ricky ran up to him out of curiousity and just glared
at him.  Tommy had tears in his eyes and just stared
away from him.  Ricky knelt down and then prepared
to tell Tommy that everything was going to be alright,
even if they had to spend all day until almost night
they would teach Tommy how to ski and get rid of his fright.
And, true to form, Tommy DID learn and, boy, what a sight!
Afterwards, they gathered together to build a big snowman.
It was already dark and they were being called home so they ran
as fast as the snow and ice would allow towards home. Man!
This was too much like having fun!  Tommy was a really big fan
of Santa and had sent him three letters.  They all felt the same
and the fact that he had written so much brought him some fame
around the neighborhood.  Some kids had an idea and came
over to his house to have him write their own letters. As lame
as that was, Tommy was glad to oblige and knew Santa would not care.
Besides, wasn't it good to help others out and to always share?
The kids were so happy that they took off his hat and mussed his hair.
That was the first time they had done that since Summer's circus and fair.
So, this is how December passed for the kids as Christmas approached.
Ricky, the default leader of the group, thought and then broached
the subject of what each kid thought they were going to get.  Coached
by Sally, the know-it-all of the group, they were all soon poached
like an egg because they had all forgotten to take off their coats.
Sam wanted a scooter and George wanted a castle complete with moats.
Amy said she would like another Barbie doll and two TVs with remotes.
Why she wanted two TVs was not immediately clear.  Then it was boats
that Billy wanted to float down the creek once Spring had sprung.
But best of all, Karen wanted, for her very sick father, a new lung
to replace the one cancer had destroyed.  Saddened, they sung
Christmas Carols and ate Christmas Cookies.  Oh to again be young!

mindbringer, 15 December 2015