Saturday, April 16, 2016


My sweet darling angel, Love is all I have.
All I have to offer you is Love.
Near frightening in its depth.
One ounce worth every dove
that carries with it on pure white wings
the hint of old Cupid and his bow.
His arrows have pierced my heart
and I have succumbed to his dart.
I wallow at your feet in agony
for I do not know what I did today
that pushed you away (did it not?).
Money I do not have much of and it
seems not there when most needed.
But I have Love.  Plenty of Love.

I give it all to you if you will but accept it.
Pure Love.  Undiluted.  Unfathomable.
To merely gaze at you all day, breathe in
your mesmerizing scents, wonder always
why me?  Why was I so lucky that God
led you to me?  I don't deserve you,
that much is obvious.  I seem to stumble
on something every day that gets in our way,
our Way Of True Love.  The ancients knew
of it and sang and danced and wrote about it.

Were their productions Romances or were
they Tragedies?  I do not know their intents
but I know mine.  And my intent is to Love
you with every breath, with every beat of my heart,
until that very last breath when I gaze still
at your big and beautiful eyes, guiding me
to the opposite shore to await your arrival
to join me in eternity.

And there we will finally Love forever and ever,
without stumbles and worries to distract us from
our true, God-intended course.
All I can say now is "I LOVE YOU"...

mindbringer, 15 April 2016