Friday, May 27, 2016

Birth Of The Universe

Narcissism was no fault of hers,
except in her special selfies.
Surreptitiousness also not.
Surrounded by her many furs,
content as bats in belfries.
She would just sit and rot.

If he would but let her do so.
He always stopped her just in time
and saved her from destruction.
He would then return to his Rousseau
or other chosen tomb, seeking rhyme
or reason, not just base instruction.

So, the two of them had mutual orbits
and spun around each other like stars
from the Variable Star Observer's Society.
Their courses touching in little bits
and defined beyond nears and fars.
They were past maintaining propriety.

So he would sometimes stop his studies
and she would shed her many furs.
Staring, they would fall into each other.
Creating an event horizon that muddies
expectations of what imagination stirs.
Caring, they made mad love to one another.

mindbringer, 27 May 2016