Saturday, May 28, 2016


Rainbows follow the Sun's rays through the lessening gray downpour
while butterflies reflect the light with fluttering wings to harken their coming.
The mist of recent rain smells like Spring flowers and fresh gold-enfused air!
I observe, not merely see, all of this through my wee humble cottage's door
to the tune of Beethoven's Sonata upon whose cello my loved one strumming
bends over her instrument lost in the moments between notes she loves to share.

The clover-sweet morning progresses and the Sun follows his arc through now azure skies
causing all the multi-colored roses and tulips to turn their petaled faces upwards in kind
and the wet grass to yield it's moisture to the air in complex and elusive evaporative processes.
Soon, the air heats up and the day reaches its zenith at noon as the new morning dies
and bright sunshine reveals every nook and cranny to the participants below so they find
the small crabs and mussels and sea shells and bubbling seas in all the beach's recesses.

Do the cello's vibrating strings drive all of this, Nature's orchestra, or does She pluck at the instrument?
It does not seem to really matter either way, just as Schrodinger's Cat cared not if he be particle or wave.
Suffice it to say that Cello's heavenly music tugs at the heart of all who hear it as Gaia's pervasive soul does.
They are one in the same, these two, the ecological systems of Nature's environment known to us in increment,
and the lilting, harmonious, melodious, notes of the Sonata wafting through air which our lungs then save.
All this made possible by my darling, the Cellist, who personifies all of Nature and plays for me whom she loves.

mindbringer, 28 May 2016