Sunday, May 29, 2016


The sonorous, languorous sounds wafted over my ears
like the endless, repetitious waves upon a dark wine sea.
Bringing out into the ether despite all of my long, wise years
my essence, my reality, my consciousness, all that I could be.

There suspended above my empty, soulless shell of a body,
my being hovered not quite sure of what to do or where to go.
It headed for the white sandy shores of that now darker sea
and there spread out for miles to gather in the morning show.

As the Sun rose above the horizon of the sea, it slowly lightened
and the height of the waves lessened as the crescent moon set.
Temperatures rose and so did the vibration of my being, it brightened
and felt the pull of my body, of gravity pulling it towards me and yet

the sea sought to grasp it onto herself and absorb my being as
she had that of all the dead sailors past from the dead hulks of ships.
Struggling, my very soul stretched out towards me longingly as has
all other separated creations before.  Passing through my open lips,

it regained its hold in me and we became as one again, shell and soul.
Together we stepped from the ebbing tidal waters and walked the silken sands
of time back towards where we came from, back home where we were whole.
And there we thought of and wrote of that which had slipped from our hands.

The nearby mirror showed a mere reflection of me, my soul nowhere to be found.
I stood up though and continued to practice the meditative, slow steps of my Tai Chi
and soon warm energy was flowing round and round and through me and to the ground.
The sounds that started it all last night were still in the air and I became all that I can be...

mindbringer, 29 May 2016