Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From Your Eyes, Everything

Roses fall from your big bright eye like diamonds from the sky.
This celestial anomaly lends itself to one asking endlessly why.
There is no why my friend, only the sky and the big bright eye.
The smell of roses permeates the air and my mind making me sigh
and lets the feeling of ecstasy it brings reach down to my thigh.

My very being extends upward into yours bringing you intense pleasure.
There, at the brink of dawn, when all was magical and true, your treasure
became mine and we were one and free to make love at our leisure.
I came deep inside you, my mind emptying into your mind, without measure
our hearts forever entwined, our love forever enshrined, there in blue azure.

Yes, the deep blue sky and the ever blue sea encompassed us both in their liquid embrace.
The deep sands of the wind-blown shore said to us that we were just entering upon this race.
The race for truest love of all time, the truest love in the universe, the highest in the human race.
We looked at each other with hungry eyes and your roses entered my mind thru my upturned face.
Roses, cum and ecstasy.  The things all loved ones are made of.  There, I have made my case...

mindbringer, 24 May 2016