Monday, May 16, 2016


Remember the wurm Oruborus?
He who ate his own tail forever?
Signifying in myth for all of us
connectedness as a great river.

You can pick any spot in it.
It seems to be true in essence.
But the current has seen fit
to move that spot's contents.

Forever flowing downstream,
yet still between its bank,
the river of life, it would seem,
acts on whatever has sank.

Something else is now free
to sink or swim the spot that was.
And flow behind it quickly
as the river always does.

Each spot unique and
each spot ever changing.
Flowing past the bottom sand
and downstream ever ranging.

Like the wurm the river goes ever on
and like the wurm it's an entity of one.
A river of change yet continuous.
Continuity its eternal calculus.

Eventually the river empties into seas,
and evaporates under Nature's breeze.
There it will finally drop back into the river
and once more continue the journey forever.

The tail has been eaten as it always will,
and the endless cycle of life never be still.
Continuously it rotates and gathers all
that enters it into its unforgiving maul.

mindbringer, 4 May 2016