Monday, May 16, 2016

Outer Rims Of Existence

(an ode to confusion)

Paradise found lying there on the ground,
infinity was its boundary, it almost round.
But since there was no edge
there was no "other side".
So that age-old question could not be asked.
Anyone that tried forumulae would hedge.
And throw to the classroom dummies wide
the theory of nothingness as being tasked
to change grams of gold into a beaten pound.
And feed the remains to yon ethereal hound.

The hound by Ursa Majoris did light send.
He who half-god Heracles fought to the end.
Now a collection of stars.
That showed us ends of time.
Seconds into minutes before ever reaching us.
There in the sky there were no flag's bars,
rap confederacy breaking into endless rhyme.
We here left to be naught but bozos on a bus.
The light like all light would by gravity bend
and refracted colors to our eyes would lend.

Yellow-gray and orange-gold, violent blue
would spill over the event horizon's shoe.
And being sucked inside
they merged into pure black.
Darkness was their epitaph, light their past.
It was a quick and harrowing fast ride.
Pair of dice lay there to get put in a sack.
And the gods would play while they last.
The end of all things had a strange hue.
It was blue for all the things it had due.

So, purgatory on the end of a gravity spike.
Hell riding around the farthest rim as on a bike.
But, as there was no edge,
he could go where he was wont.
And Pardise was all particles and waves.
Finding the missing cat sitting on a ledge.
Then the whole thing took the role of donut.
And intertwined with each other in raves
of sound-blasted pulsars that we all like.
Then pushed their thumbs into cosmos' dike.

mindbringer, 16 May 2016