Saturday, November 19, 2016

I Can Never Not Love You!

As other pretty women come and go,
much like ubiquitous Colorado snow,
I always circle back around to what I know,
that You and I with the Tides do flow
always back together by a colossal undertow
as if participants in some celestial show.

Always covered by God's Silver Liner,
the plans for us of our Great Designer
could never ever produce anything finer
than our love which seems a Cosmic Timer
writing the story of Us as Devine Rhymer.
We are Love's foundation, her infinite primer.

The Universe keeps track of us hour by hour
while below on Earth the unfolding flower
scents our way with Nature's loving power.
Down there, by the wine-dark Sea's bower,
for us is erected by Angels an immense tower,
a tower below which all unlike us cower.

Afraid of their own mutually exclusive shadows, alone
they are doomed to wander under Heaven's dome
forever chasing dreams of a life, of an unlived Poem.
Not like them, We instead grow every closer and roam
the ethereal realms, hand in hand, far above Atlantis' foam.
And our story is ever kept alive in God's Holy Tome.

mindbringer, 9 November 2016