Monday, November 21, 2016

Lady Of The Daunting Smile

Oh my Lady, my truest love, I love your daunting smile,
To see it in all of its glory, I would walk the very last mile!
Your soul, your very being, your essence is reflected in it.
As we are One, soul mates, brought together by God, let
everyone know of our great affection for each other,
our total surrender of ourselves, each the ultimate lover.

Your thousand smiles would launch a thousand ships,
over the wine-dark sea.  Launched to kiss your sweet lips!
Your soft breasts bared to the Universe for all to see,
it is me that is the privileged one that gets to always be
enveloped by your love, entwined in your legs and arms.
Secretly or publicly, we embrace fully and raise the alarms!

Let the whole world know of our commitment to Love!
Let God send down and bless our lives with his Holy dove.
We were known by Him since the beginning of Time.
It is He who made us one, to inspire the poet's rhyme!
Together the rest of His Universe was affected
by our example to evolve as He wanted. Perfected!

Now, along with the aid of His angels, we shall be
Lovers and the best of friends throughout History.
Yes, for all eternity until we two sit by His side
in Heaven, the Moon will always draw the tide
and the Sun will always rise, the rivers always flow.
And we, the sum of all Creation, will unite as one Soul!

So, my sweet darling angel, come to me in our lover's bed,
rest upon my waiting shoulder your weary head.
I will comfort thee and make love to thee, and we
shall know what God hath wrought here by the roiling Sea.
Pleasure we will give and pleasure we will take!
Our loving will not stop ever and new Life we will make.

So, smile, my dear, smile until the Universe blinks!
And the spinning Milky Way all together winks.
All will be prone to do the same as we excite
all Nature with our passions of each special night.
So, as you walk on clouds of ecstasy, I will see
that you are all that I will ever need just to "be".

mindbringer, 3 November 2016